Friday, 26 June 2015

Featured Artists

Our show "Nature Unleashed" will open at Art 1274 Hollis on Monday, July 6 and run for the whole month. Our Reception will be Thursday, July 23 from 6 - 8 PM, we would love it if you can join us!

1274 Hollis Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Have a look at Teresa's art at

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Monday, 20 April 2015

News Flash

Last week I found out about a membership opening in a local Artist and Artisan Cooperative, they were looking specifically for a jewelry artist. I applied for the spot and, yay - I am now a member of Art 1274 Hollis

Over the weekend I was busy setting up my two display cases in this wonderful gallery, as you can see in these photos, I am in good company!

The gallery is open 7 days a week, summer hours are 10 - 6 every day. We are located at 1274 Hollis Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This is at the south end of Hollis St and is very close to the Via Rail station and the Seaport area. 

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

"Localvore" - What does it mean?

I know that many of us are familiar with the term "Localvore" but what exactly does this mean to each of us?

The Local Food Movement is gaining momentum all over the place which is such an important step both from  a local economic standpoint, but also in reducing our impact on the planet.

But, can I challenge you all to also consider how this relates not only to the food for our bodies, it also feeds our souls.....

The true Localvore also supports the arts & crafts that are produced locally, quite often with locally sourced raw materials. The true local producer strives to make every effort to source locally and to take pride in the process of creating their finished product themselves, with their own hands. Try to distinguish the difference between the 'artisan' (who really puts their heart and soul into their handmade items) and the 'assembler' - the ones that simply take components created by someone else and with minimal effort and skill, attach item A to item B and call it their art!

Next time you are looking for something for yourself, your home or need a special gift, do yourself a favor and pop in to your local market first! You could be amazed with the amazing talent pool we have locally here in Nova Scotia.........

From the Home page of 
"Remember that Nova Scotia farmers’ markets are also a showcase of our artists and their creative wares. A feast for the eyes and the stomach!"

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mark your calendars

On Saturday, September 27, Etsy Made in Canada Markets will be popping up right across Canada!

The location for the Halifax Market is the Halifax Forum 10 - 3

Not in Nova Scotia? Check here for a location nearest you.

This is a fabulous opportunity for artisans to be able to show you, in person, the wonderful products they/we offer online at

For a sneak preview of what I will have there, check out my shop at
There is only a tiny sampling of my products in my Etsy shop right now, lots more will be added over the next few weeks. So, mark it as a favorite shop and keep checking back:-)

Come one, come all........... lots of great things to see and do at our first-ever Etsy Made in Canada Market. Bring a friend, bring three and share, share, share!

Check out my Facebook page and share the posts about this great event! Wouldn't it be great for this to be an annual or even semi-annual event!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

This week......

Even though I have only accomplished one project this week, I am pretty proud of it! This Capelet/Shawl is hand felted using 100% superfine Merino wool fibre.

Then - I cut it up, crocheted an edging around each separate piece, freeform crocheted all the pieces back together and added some crochet flower details (to cover the darts in the back panels).
It is approximately 75" from end to end and 21" high in the back. Can be worn loose as a shawl or tied in the front as a Capelet.

This is a technique that is used by Prudence Mapstone and I have adopted and adapted it! 

What do you think?

I am taking it to the Seaport Market tomorrow and Friday as it is for sale..... This is not being listed on Etsy just yet as I will be taking it to market so folks will be able to have a look in person and try it on. However, if you are interested, please message me for details.....

Etsy Shop now open!

Finally, my new Etsy shop is open and I have started stocking it. Please visit often as I will be adding new products frequently..........

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Meet Minnie ( as in Minnie-Me :-)

Introducing Minnie (Mini-Me)

She is my new model and able assistant. 
I am looking forward to her wearing and showing off my creations - I think she is doing a wonderful job!

Minnie will be working hard over the next few weeks. We will be taking some new photos to show you to continue improving how I present my products to you on-line.